Squad 702 and Brush 704... protecting the hub! - Goldsboro VFC Station 700

Monday, July 23, 2018
It was a historic moment in Goldsboro VFC history! On Saturday November 17, 2012 we placed in service 2 new pieces of apparatus. Brush 704- a gift from the Foresty Department, with a complete refurb lead by Firefighter James Moyer and Chief Engineer/Past Chief Wayne Durham. The truck was tranformed from the "old green bomb" to a beautiful 4 door brush piece! We were excited to push it into the station with the Moyer family sitting inside! In addition, after almost 5 years of discussion, planning and anticipation Squad 702 was also placed into service! During our housing ceremony, the Squad was dedicated to Mr. Wayne Durham for his continuous and dedicated 50 years of active service to Goldsboro VFC, and pushed into the station with Wayne at the wheel! Members of the Durham family, Chief JT Bartz and his daughter Mady also joined Wayne in the Squad for its commerative housing! We are very excited about the addition to our fleet and thank those who attended the truck housing and celebrated with us!

Chief Bartz
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Congratulations Wayne Durham
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Placing the plaque
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Blessing the truck
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Officer Mady Bartz and her Dad Chief Bartz
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Squad 702 is in the house
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Past Chief Durham and Chief Bartz
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The Durham Family
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The plaque is placed
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Pushing in the Squad
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