Service Call - Bridgetown Road

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Stations 700 and 600 (Greensboro) were alerted for a service call on Bridgetown Road. After responding, B602 with Officer 616(Bambary) and E703 with 5 (W.Durham) were told by dispatch that a farm wagon had overturned, spilling its load near the intersection of Schuyler Road. B705 responded with 2 (D.Wothers). E703 went on location to find a farm truck loaded the soy beans that had spilled. Officer 722 (W.Durham) assumed Bridgetown Road Command & advised B705 to come in from Oakland Road to block traffic. All 600 apparatus was placed in service. 700 units remained for approximately 30 minutes before command was cancelled. No injuries were reported.

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