Truck into the Park - Old Line Road

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Stations 700 and 600 (Greensboro) were alerted for a MVC in front of the Station 700. PM17's career staff heard the crashing of cars while inside the building and began to investigate. Upon investigation, the crew found a two car MVC into The Hub's community park. PM17 requested a rescue box be dispatched. Seeing members pull into the firehouse, PM17 cancelled station 600. E702, B705, E703 made a response with a total staffing of 11 volunteers. 718(D.O'Neal) assumed Goldsboro Road Command and advised Caroline Dispatch that Old Line Road was shut down to personnel working in the roadway. Two patient refusals were signed by PM17. Once the debris and vehicles were removed, command was cancelled the appartus returned to service. The incident is being investigated by MSP.

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