Henderson Road
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photo By: R. Dixon
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Photo By: R. Dixon
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Photo By: R. Dixon
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Station 700 and 56 (Marydel) was alerted for a MVC with injuries at 0640 hrs. 719 (R.Dixon) was the first to arrive with a status of one vehicle into a tree passing command. 717 (D.Wothers) arrived shortly after and assumed command. Command advise all incoming units to respond in cold and Station 56 can go available. PM17 arrived and handled the patient refusal, R700 with a crew of 4 with 715 (J.T. Bartz) arrived and stablized the vehicle. B705 with 2 (J. Yeager) handled traffic. Command placed situation under control releasing all equipment.

Story By: J.T. Bartz