MVC w/ Entrapment - Henderson Road

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Station 700 and 56 (Marydel) was alerted for a MVC reported serious on Henderson Road. P791 was the first to arrive and asked for avaition. R56 with a crew of 5 with 56-18 (P.J. OLechny) was first rescue on location with a status of one vechile in the ditch w/ entrapment and assumed Henderson Rd command. R700 arrived within seconds afterwards with a crew of 7 with 724 (W. Durham) and thier assignment was to stablize the vechile. R700's crew went to work putting the Z-mag stabilizing kit in service. E56-2 arrived shortly after with a crew of 4 with 56-25 (J. Collins) and handled the landing zone for trooper 6. A56 reponded with 4 onboard. Pt. was extricated by a door pop and backboard. Pt. care was handled by P791, and flown to Shock Tramua. Command placed situation under control and cancelled commmand.

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