The History of the Goldsboro VFC- as documented and presented for our 50th anniversary- April 1998.

On March 5, 1948, a fire was discovered by a group of town’s folk while returning from a birthday party of a local minister. The fire was in the Jones’ General Store, located in the center of town. The alarm was turned in. Greensboro and Marydel fire companies responded. However, before the two companies arrived, the flames had spread throughout the store and into a family dwelling. The home of Mr. Lee Cartwright was also burning. The fire destroyed both the store and the dwelling before it was brought under control. The roof of the Post Office had also caught fire. The firemen were able to save the mail and postal stock.

The town’s folk had seen first hand how fast a fire could destroy their property. On March 8, 1948, the citizens gathered at the local church to discuss ideas in providing a water supply as well as organizing a fire company for Goldsboro. During this meeting, funds were raised and within one month, the fire company had purchased its first truck. This truck was a “Reo Pumper” bought from Easton Volunteer Fire Department.

The Goldsboro Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated on April 22, 1948, with the state of Maryland. The company’s first officers were President Clark Quillen, Vice President William Collier, Sr., and the Secretary/Treasurer was T. Noble Jarrell Jr. The first fire station was located in a garage owned by Noble J. Dhue. The fire company members found the necessity for a water supply so they made a small tanker. It was time to find a larger area for their station so the company bought the old Post Office and converted it into a fire station.

During the early years, the methods of receiving alarms were either by calling Clark Smith’s store during store hours or by calling Lee Cartwright’s home in the evening and night hours. They would in turn activate the fire siren. The new fire company responded to a total of ten fires for the year of 1948.

The fire company was found to be a necessity and began to grow. In 1952, the company purchased a new “Ford Barton-American Pumper” with 500 GPM/1,000 gallons of water. The cost of this new pumper was $16,300.00 which was quite a large sum of money in those days. Money had to be raised and the way to do that was to have carnivals and dinners. The county did provide a small allotment.

Through the years, the firemen continued on. September of 1958, the fire company was the proud host of the “County Field Days” that included oil fires, car fires and hay fires. The Dover Fire Department had recently bought an aerial truck and was invited over to Goldsboro to display it. Later that year, this fire company looked into the possible purchase of a foam attachment for the cost of $100.00.

February of 1960, brought new ideas and thoughts. One of them was to use the Boy Scouts as extra help with field and woods fires if necessary. The fire company tested the idea and found that the scouts could be used if needed. Later that year, in November, a discussion took place about the safety of the firemen. They needed masks to protect them while fighting fires from smoke inhalation. So at the January 1961 meeting, the company had demonstrators there from both “Kemmox Gas Masks” and “Scott Air Packs”. The company decided to purchase two Scott Air Packs and two spare bottles for a total cost of $551.00
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