Jeep - B703

This unit was used for woods and field fires.

Tractor Trailor Tanker - Tanker 706

1994 Frieghtliner Truck Tractor with 450 Hp 9 speed manual transmission painted all red to match the rest of the fleet. 1987 Allied trailor with a cap. of 6,000 gallons. The tank has been sprayed with a liner to help prevent leaks. Trailor has a 1,000gpm rainbow pump attached to the rear. Powered by a 173 Hp John Deere motor, the unit is completly self contained and can be coupled to another tractor to keep a tanker inservice if needed. The rig has four 12 volt scene lights and L.E.D. and Strobe lighting.

E-One Protector - E702

1990 E-One Protector with seating for a crew of 6. E702 is second run on all structure fires and accidents. Handles all standbys. Futures 1,250 Hale midship pump, 1,000 gallons of water, 5Kw honda generator, Hurst portable pump with a maverick combi tool, O-ring cutters and spreader.

Freightliner - T704

T704 is a 1994 Frieghtliner Tractor with a 1971 Tank Trailor. Has a gas powered hale pump mounted on back of the tank. T704 is used as a nurse tanker due to the capacity of the tank 8,300 gallons. T704 carries 6,ooo gallons of water due to wieght.

GMC 3500 - B705

1989 GMC 3500 one ton pickup. First due on all natural cover fires. B705 has a 290 gallon skid unit, 500 gpm Darley pump, carries assortment of rakes, flappers, forstery hose and aswell 3" supply line

Pierce Saber - E703

1998 Pierce Saber with seating for a crew of 8. E703 is first run on all stucture fires and mutual aid. Has a 1,500 gpm Hale midship pump, 1,000 gallons of water, 10Kw Harrison PTO generator.

Volvo/4Guys - R700

1990 Volvo/4Guys rescue pumper with seating for 10. R700 has a 1,000 gpmHale front mount pump, carries 400 gallons of water, 25 gallons of Class A foam. Complete set of Hurst rescue tools (O-cutters, Spreaders, assortment of rams, Stearing wheel covers).

Barton American - E701

1961 International Barton American 500gpm front mount pump, 1,000 gallon of water. E701 is second due on all natural cover fires for pump and roll capabilities.

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